Geraldine Pilakui

Skin: Arinkuwula (Stone)
Country: Wurankuwu
Dance: Yirrikapayi (Crocodile)
Dot Texture Short 2

An established artist at Jilamara, Geraldine has been painting at the art centre since the early 2002.

Geraldine learnt from the older people about Tiwi culture. When she gets old she will pass it on to her grandchildren. 

Geraldine says, ” I love painting and coming to work at the art centre everyday. It is my life. I learn from my Maninga (Grandmother) and my Uncle Pius”.

Her motifs include traditional designs from the older and experienced artists, bush tucker and the native flora and fauna that inhabit the Tiwi Islands. To paint the “mother lines” Geraldine uses the traditional Kayimwagakimi comb technique used for body painting.  

Geraldine’s artwork has featured in Jilamara group shows in Broome, Darwin, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne.





Artworks by Geraldine Pilakui

Muputi (Fish) - Painting - Geraldine Pilakui

Muputi (Fish)



Geraldine Pilakui

30 x 80cm natural ochre on canvas
Kulama - Print - Geraldine Pilakui




Geraldine Pilakui

56 x 76cm, natural ochres on paper
Jilamara - Painting - Geraldine Pilakui




Geraldine Pilakui

55 x 80cm, natural ochres on canvas
Japalinga and Wantaringuwi - Print - Geraldine Pilakui

Japalinga and Wantaringuwi



Geraldine Pilakui

29.5 x 24.5cm (image), hard ground etching with aquatint and chine colle
Jilamara - Painting - Geraldine Pilakui




Geraldine Pilakui

80 x 30cm, natural ochres on canvas
Jilamara - Painting - Geraldine Pilakui




Geraldine Pilakui

120 x 150cm, natural ochres on canvas