Doriana Bush

Skin: Takaringuwi (Scaly Mullet)
Country: Andranangoo (Goose Greek)
Dance: Jilarti (Brolga)
Dot Texture Short 2

Doriana was born “over the other side” (of the bay) from Milikapiti. She was delivered by her grandmother. Her mum was really sick after she was born and her father brought white doctors over in a dugout canoe to attend to her. She grew up in Milikapiti, in the old village.

Doriana trained as a health worker at Royal Darwin Hospital in the 60’s, and thereafter worked at the Milikapiti clinic. She went to PNG for work experience. 

She has 21 grandchildren and is one of the few people in the community who still knows how to sing the songs for ceremony.

Artworks by Doriana Bush

Kwarikwaringa - Butterfly - Painting - Doriana Bush

Kwarikwaringa – Butterfly



Doriana Bush

45 x 45cm, natural ochres on linen
Yirrinkiripwoja - Painting - Doriana Bush




Doriana Bush

45 x 45cm, natural ochre on canvas