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'Taringa mipurra'

2m, hand screen printed fabric


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Taringa is the Tiwi word for a female cheeky (venomous) snake. Mipurra means skin. Before western medicine was introduced, Tiwi people treated snake bites by urinating on the bite area, cutting it open and tying off above the bite with Pandanus string. 

Our Jilamara textiles are hand screen printed by a team of 4 printers, in the Nancy Henry Ripijingimpi screenprinting studio at Jilamara. Each meterage is unique and will most likely have one or two bush touches (a little Milikapiti earth, a smudge of ochre etc). We hope these imperfections remind you of where these textiles were made. We use hanky linen, 100% cotton and a cotton polyester blend. Fabric is sold in 2-metre lengths. Please enquire about colourways or if you have something else in mind.


Cat: 53-98