Yirrinkirripwoja, Annual Tiwi Double Tree Exhibition

Opens: 10:30am Friday, 6th August, 2021

Closes: 11th August, 2021

Location: Reflection Room, Double Tree Hilton, Darwin Espanade

Website: https://www.darwinfestival.org.au/events/yirrinkirripwoja-jilamara/

Opening Event:

The opening will feature Tiwi Yoi (dance) by a selection of Tiwi Islands at the Reflection Room, Double Tree Hilton on Darwin's Espanade.

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Each year, Tiwi artists from Melville Island Art Centres come together to exhibit new work in an annual exhibition at Double Tree Hilton, Darwin. This exhibition coincides with Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair 2021, making it a perfect time to visit Darwin. This years exhibition, “Yirrinkirripwoja”, brings together several generations of Tiwi Artists celebrating the diversity of art being made on the biggest of the Tiwi Islands. Pupuni Jilamara Nginingwula will featuring artwork work from Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association and Munupi Aboriginal Arts and Crafts Association.