Turnuwa Amintiya Kirijipuni : Black & White

Opens: 5th April, 2019

Closes: 22nd April, 2019

Location: Short Street Gallery, Broome

Website: https://www.shortstgallery.com.au/ Dot Texture

An exhibition of black and white Tiwi carvings & paintings.

Artists from Jilamara Arts have worked exclusively with black and white pigment to produce the paintings and sculptures in this extraordinary exhibition. The results are engaging and assertive. The carefully selected palette brings a sense of form and a powerful simplicity to the artwork, allowing each piece to speak about the artist’s intention and design. The ochre used is collected on country. Kirijipuni (white ochre) comes from the cliff faces on the coast and some artists still use charcoal for black. Ochre paintings come from Tiwi ceremonies, where ochre painted jilamara (design) is used for body painting to protect from mapurtiti (spirits of the dead). Each artist has their own style and design, which is used in both art & ceremony. Short St Gallery invites you to join us and the artists who are travelling to Broome from the Tiwi Islands to view Turnuwa amintiya kirijipuni : black & white. This exhibition will be available to view in the gallery from April 5- 25th.

Featured image: Minkaga, natural ochres on linen, 90 x 70 cm. Artist: Michelle Bush.