Samuel Scrubby

Skin: Wantaringuwi (Sun)
Country: Belyuen
Dance: Jarrikarlani (Turtle)
Dot Texture Short 2

Samuel grew up in the Bagot community in Darwin. After high school he moved to Milikapiti. 

He started painting at Jilamara in 2017. Samuel learns from watching the old people paint, such as his Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Moreen.

He paints what he eats such as the seafood and bush tucker from the Tiwi Islands. He also paints traditional objects and artefacts like pamijini (armbands and head dresses), Tutini poles and spears, which are made for Tiwi ceremonies.

Artworks by Samuel Scrubby

Yirrikipayi (Crocodile) - Print - Samuel Scrubby

Yirrikipayi (Crocodile)



Samuel Scrubby
27 x 23cm (image), 38 x 28cm (paper), screenprint with woodcut
Pamijini - Painting - Samuel Scrubby




Samuel Scrubby
28 x 23cm, natural ochres on board