Raylene Miller

Skin: Wantaringuwi (Sun)
Dot Texture Short 2

I grew up in Milikapiti. I went to Kormilda College in Darwin and then moved back. I worked at the Milikapiti Primary School as a teachers assistant before I had my first child Mikey. At the same time I started painting at Jilamara. When I had my second child Markesia I stopped work for a while to  grow them up. Now they are both at school so I can spend more time at Jilamara.

My Grandfather Richard Miller was a traditional owner of Milikapiti. Alie Miller, my Great Grandfather was a painter and carver.

I am inspired by looking at his work in books and at the old peoples work in the Muluwurri  Museum.

My Grandmother Mary Moreen still works at Jilamara as an artist. She is a strong female leader in our community. She has taught me and my children a lot about our Tiwi culture.

I paint my Jilamara with pwoja. I also like to paint Japalinga (stars) in the Tiwi sky and my Mother’s dreaming, Jarrikalani (turtle).

In 2018 I learnt how to be a textile screen printer at Jilamara. It’s hard work but I love it and am now the head screen printer and run the workshop.

Artworks by Raylene Miller

Pwoja-Pukumani Body Paint Design - Stringybark Painting - Raylene Miller

Pwoja-Pukumani Body Paint Design



Raylene Miller
61cm, locally sourced ochre on stringybark
Kayimwagakimi jilamara - Painting - Raylene Miller

Kayimwagakimi jilamara



Raylene Miller
60 x 60cm, locally sourced ochre on canvas
Pumpuni Jilamara - Painting - Raylene Miller

Pumpuni Jilamara



Raylene Miller
38 x 36cm, locally sourced ochre on paper
Jilamara - Painting - Raylene Miller




Raylene Miller
30 x 80cm natural ochre on canvas