Pamela Brooks

Skin: March Fly
Country: Mirrikawuyanga
Dance: Pikipiki (Pig)
Dot Texture Short 2

Pamela Brooks only joined Jilamara Arts and Crafts recently but has lived in Milikapiti for many years. She likes to paint images of the four main clan groups in Tiwi culture. Although there are many sub-groups all Tiwi people fall into the four skin groups: Stone, Pandanus, Sun and Fish. Belonging to these tribes is decided by your mother’s family. In Tiwi culture, a person gets their Country and Totem from their father’s family and their tribe from their mother’s side. Tribe relations decide many things including marriage compatibility. Pamela likes to paint representations of these tribes: “To teach the younger generation about our strong Tiwi kinship relations.”

Pamela likes to paint in the studio everyday and also enjoys working on cultural workshops organised at the art centre – like the making of ceremonial ornaments using collected pandanus and cockatoo feathers.

Artworks by Pamela Brooks

Parlingarri jilamara Tunga - Print - Pamela Brooks

Parlingarri jilamara Tunga



Pamela Brooks

24.5 x 19.5cm, hard ground etching with chine colle, aquatint and pigment