Nancy Henry

Skin: Anjiluwi (Rain)
Dot Texture Short 2

Nancy Henry Ripijingimpi was a senior artist who painted on bark and made carvings from ironwood at home.  Her artworks were also some of the earliest designs to be transferred onto screens for textile printing in the late 80’s. During this period Jilamara transitioned from an Adult Education Centre to an Incorporated Association.

Her designs were parlini jilamara (old designs).

When Nancy wasn’t painting she spent her time looking after her elderly husband Paddy Henry Ripijingimpi and hunting. She was known as one of the best hunters in Milikapiti, she used to get a big mob of Yuwurli, mud mussels mud crabs and oysters.

She and her husband took part in some of the last Kulama ceremonies that happened in Milikapiti.

With the reinvigoration of textile screenprinting at Jilamara, the women’s shed has been named the Nancy Henry Ripijingimpi screenprinting and painting studio in honour of the legacy this great women left behind.

Her work is held in the Muluwurri Museum in Milikapiti and in many collections across Australia.

Note: DOB and DOD circa