Mickey Wilson

Dot Texture Short 2

“John Wilson is my dad in Tiwi way [uncle]. I remember watching him painting, carving, mixing colours with his partner, but she has passed away.” – Mickey Wilson 

Mickey Wilson is also known around Milikapiti as Forgarty. He is a recent addition to Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association. For over 10 years Mickey worked at the local farm, a community driven initiative managed by Tiwi Enterprises. Since joining the art centre in 2022, he has thrived as a painter with his own unique Tiwi mark making style. As a new member, his skills at carving and painting in Tiwi ochres is testament to the fact that for his whole life he has been surrounded by art making through culture and ceremony. As he says:

“At times, through my life I have made paintings at home and Tutini [ironwood Pukumani poles] for ceremony.”

Mickey is also part of the team of staff at Jilamara Arts that collect and prepare stringybark and ironwood for painting. Throughout 2022, he had the chance to participate in a group bark exhibition at the University of Melbourne as well as the Darwin Festival and Aboriginal Art Fair. He is excited for more opportunities and outcomes in 2023. 


2022     YOYI (dance), Fiona and Sidney Myer Gallery, University of Melbourne

Ngininguwula Kurrujipuni (Our Tiwi Ochre Colours), Double Tree Hilton, Darwin

Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair, Darwin Convention Centre

Artworks by Mickey Wilson

Storm Clouds and Pakatringa (rain) – Mickey Wilson - Stringybark Painting - Mickey Wilson

Storm Clouds and Pakatringa (rain) – Mickey Wilson



Mickey Wilson
122 x 12cm, locally sourced ochres on stringybark