Michelle Bush

Skin: Miyartuwi (Pandanus)
Country: Andranangoo (Goose Greek)
Dance: Jilarti (Brolga)
Dot Texture Short 2

Michelle Bush is an artist and arts worker at Jilamara Arts.

Michelle was born in Darwin and has lived most of her life in Milikapiti. She raised four children as a single mother, working as an assistant teacher at Milikapiti Primary School for 12 years.

With her children grown, Michelle now has the time to focus on her art practice at Jilamara. She works predominantly in painting on canvas and paper. 

Through her practice Michelle recreates and explores Parlingarri and Parlini Jilamara, the old stories and designs of Tiwi cultural tradition of her ancestors.

Michelle finds strength in carrying on traditional Tiwi culture and sees the importance of passing on this knowledge to the youth of her community. 

Artworks by Michelle Bush

parlini jilamara II (old design) - Painting - Michelle Bush

parlini jilamara II (old design)



Michelle Bush

56 x 76 cm Natural Ochres on Paper
parlini jilamara (old design) - Painting - Michelle Bush

parlini jilamara (old design)



Michelle Bush

56 x 76cm, natural ochres on linen
Pwoja - Textiles - Michelle Bush




Michelle Bush

2m, hand screen printed fabric