Marie Claire Puruntatameri

Skin: Wantaringuwi (Sun)
Dot Texture Short 2

Marie Claire better known as Emma is one of Jilamara’s youngest artists who has lived in Milikapiti most of her life. She has a young daughter named Joan. 

Emma has painted at jilamara since late 2017. 

She paints the Tiwi wildlife and Jilamara design. She particularly likes painting with the kayimwagakimi, the traditional painting comb carved from ironwood which is unqiue to the Tiwi Islands.

Emma likes collaborating with her Mother Barbara Puruntatameri on large scale paintings that depict the different generations of Tiwi ancestors walking on country.

Emma and Barbara’s collaborative painting, Pirripangulimayi kapi Murrakupupuni was selected for the Salon des Refuses 2018.

Artworks by Marie Claire Puruntatameri

Jilamara - Painting - Marie Claire Puruntatameri