Johnathon Bush

Skin: Takaringuwi (Scaly Mullet)
Country: Andranangoo (Goose Greek)
Dance: Tartuwali (Shark)
Dot Texture Short 2

I grew up here in Milikapiti and have lived between here and Borroloola, up and down. My Father is from Borroloola. I was working there at the cattle station as a stockman, my Aunties station, herding horses and cattle.

My Uncles held the Western law and Aboriginal law. When they passed away I inherited it. Some is secret.

I hold the Western and Aboriginal law in my hands for all mankind to be equal. I hope my artwork gives a glimpse into my strong beliefs of a want for world peace and equality for all mankind.

They call me ‘world peace’, as I have to balance both laws. I want peace in this world, I want the children to have food and water and all that. For Tiwi people, I want culture to be strong.

For my future, there is more painting to come, more ideas.

I paint with dripping, using black charcoal, white, red and yellow ochres down the canvas. It’s my own style, my own idea.

I have three kids, all grown up now. I am a grandfather already, I have two grandchildren, one is in WA.

Artworks by Johnathon Bush

Product - Painting - Johnathon Bush




Johnathon Bush

60 x 60cm, natural ochres on linen
Tiwi Mother Earth - Painting - Johnathon Bush

Tiwi Mother Earth



Johnathon Bush

150 x 120cm, natural ochres on canvas
Regeneration - Print - Johnathon Bush




Johnathon Bush

24.5 x 29.5cm (image), hard ground etching with aquatint
Pakapanali - Painting - Johnathon Bush




Johnathon Bush

120 x 90cm, natural ochre on canvas
Old Warrior - Painting - Johnathon Bush

Old Warrior



Johnathon Bush

120 x 90cm, natural ochres on canvas
Conflict with Foreign Power - Painting - Johnathon Bush

Conflict with Foreign Power



Johnathon Bush

120 x 150cm, natural ochres and charcoal on canvas
Bushy by Nature - Painting - Johnathon Bush

Bushy by Nature



Johnathon Bush

120 x 90cm, natural ochres on canvas
The old people - Painting - Johnathon Bush

The old people



Johnathon Bush

120 x 90cm, natural ochres on canvas
Spear Dance - Painting - Johnathon Bush

Spear Dance



Johnathon Bush

120 x 90cm, natural ochres on canvas
World Peace, Tiwi Treaty - Textiles - Johnathon Bush

World Peace, Tiwi Treaty



Johnathon Bush

2m, hand screen printed fabric