Gerry Mungatopi

Skin: Wantaringuwi (Sun)
Country: Purumpanali
Dance: Yirrikapayi (Crocodile)
Dot Texture Short 2

Gerry attended the local primary school and later Kormilda College in Darwin. 

Like many Tiwi’s, he is a talented AFL player  and has played for three local teams, Pumorelli, Tuyu and Mulluwurri magpies. As he gets older he has started to focus less on playting football and more on creating art and his Tiwi culture.

Gerry started working at Jilamara in late 2012 under the suggestion of his friend Lance Tungutalum. He had also watched his grandfather  Brendan Mungatopi carve ironwood pukumani poles during the 80’s and 90’s when he was much younger.

Gerry comes from a long line of great artists on his Mum’s side, the Kerinauia family, including, Alan and Cyril Kerinauia who work at Tiwi Design on Bathurst Island and Raelene and Dymphna Kerinauia on Melville Island.

Gerry enjoys carving ironwood Tutini poles and Tiwi Tokwampini (Tiwi birds).

Artworks by Gerry Mungatopi

Tutini (Pukumani Pole) - Painting - Gerry Mungatopi

Tutini (Pukumani Pole)



Gerry Mungatopi

30 x 30cm, natural ocre on canvas
Tokwampini, the bird. - Ironwood Carving - Gerry Mungatopi

Tokwampini, the bird.



Gerry Mungatopi

49 x 9cm, natural ochres on ironwood
Tokwampini, the bird. - Painting - Gerry Mungatopi

Tokwampini, the bird.



Gerry Mungatopi

157cm, natural ochres on ironwood
Yirrikipayi (Crocodile) - Bark Painting - Gerry Mungatopi

Yirrikipayi (Crocodile)



Gerry Mungatopi

80 x 26cm, natural ochres on stringybark