Fiona Tipiloura

Skin: Arinkuwula (Stone)
Dot Texture Short 2

Fiona lives in Milikapiti raising her young son Jayden. When Jayden is at school Fiona likes to paint at Jilamara where she has been a member artist since 2016.

Fiona says, “I like making paintings in the Tiwi way but also in my own way. I like painting bush tucker from the land and the sea around the Tiwi Islands. I like to hunt for Jukwarringa (Mud Mussels), Kurumpuka (Mud Crabs), Piranga (Long Bum), Yuwurli (Mangrove Worms). I paint these things in the Tiwi way, my way.”

One day Fiona would like to buy a boat and visit her country from the sea.

Artworks by Fiona Tipiloura

Yinkiti (food) - Painting - Fiona Tipiloura

Yinkiti (food)



Fiona Tipiloura
22 x 28cm, natural ochres on board