Visit Milikapiti

Mamanta (friends),

Come and visit Jilamara and share our island culture with us.

We'll take you out on country and show you our art and culture.


For a truly authentic experience in a remote Aboriginal community visit Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association. Milikapiti community is nestled on the shores of Snake Bay looking out toward the Arafura Sea. It is surrounded by bushland, ocean vistas, beaches and river systems. 

You’ll be picked up at the Milikapiti airport and welcomed on to country by a local tour guide from Jilamara. You’ll be shown around the community and the Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association which includes the Kutuwulumi Gallery, Muluwurri Museum, the Murrunungumirri Carvers Shed and the Nancy Henry Ripijingimpi Screenprinting Studio.  

There are many fishing spots, walking and jogging tracks around the community and plenty more to see on the Island. We recommend staying overnight and soaking it in.

All visitors to the Tiwi Islands require a travel permit, applications are free and made through the Tiwi Land Council.

Interested in seeing Tiwi dancing or getting out on to country to see Turracumbi (a fresh spring waterfall)? Maybe you are curious about the site of the first contact with Dutch explorers at Purumpanali (Karslake)?  Get in touch with us if you're interested.

Perhaps you'd like to venture over to Melville Island for the day to visit Jilamara at Milikapiti and Munupi Art Centre at Pirlangimpi and immerse yourself in a cultural tour. 

If you are travelling with a group of 5+ we recommend hiring a charter flight through Hardy Aviation, Air Frontier or Territory Air Services.

Milikapiti Accommodation offers air-conditioned accommodation with a communal kitchen area at affordable prices.

Contact them on 08 8970 9565 or admin@milikapiticlub.com.au

Fly Tiwi operate two flights a day to Melville Island,Milikapiti (Snake Bay) and just one flight a day over the weekend.

View the Fly Tiwi timetable & book a flight here.