'Tiwi japalinga over Sydney' 2017-12-01

30 x 62 cm (image), linocut


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Cat: 530-17-6/10

Glen Farmer was artist in residence at Sydney College of the Arts in September 2001. During his residency he produced work based on the Sydney Harbur Bridge and Opera House.

Whilst reminiscing over his residency with a Sydney based friend, Jenny Reynolds, he was encouraged to revisit the imagery to create Tiwi japalinga over Sydney (tiwi stars over sydney).


He worked directly on the plate to produce this etching following a visit to Sydney Harbour. It was important to Glen to return to Jilamara (Melville Island) with something to show for his time in Sydney. “Pretty exciting [Sydney], plenty of things to see and do. Meet different people, meet the Redfern people and share culture”. The print was editioned by Jilamara Arts and Craft, printed by Franck Gohier of Redhand Prints in November 2001. ARCHIVE COPY – KEPT IN MUSEUM.