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'Madonna and Child' 2022-02-21

120 x 150 cm, locally sourced ochre on linen


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Madonna and Child represents the birth cycle. I’ve painted death, I’ve done the sadness, I’ve done the happiness and the future’s bright. All the kids are from heaven.

This painting is about the future. Once upon a time we were helpless like that (like the child Jesus). We were defenseless, you know? Until the day we start walking, start thinking and start talking. We progress. Until the day we turn 50 and got children, grandchildren and all that and then we go back to the cycle. We go back to being defenseless, because we’re old and people have to take care of us. Recycled, you know? From the beginning of no understanding to the understanding of the world and the heavy load that life is, we carry on. We carry the heavy load of the past and the present, and the children are the future. We got the future generation there. 

Don’t forget where is this day? It’s our day, this day is yesterday. Yesterday holds the past. Today is the present and tomorrow is the future.


Cat: 45-22