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'Moses parting the Red Ochre Winga (Sea)' 2022-07-28

150 x 150cm, locally sourced ochre on linen


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My paintings are about the balance of the tribal and the Catholic influence. All my paintings are everything, everything from the Bible according to my existence.

In this painting the Roman government is trying to track down the Jewish tribe as they crossed the winga (the sea). They are the Jewish, the followers of Moses of course. The reason why I painted Moses that way (with face paint) is because I’m from the Highland. I’m from Annandale, my grandfather is from Annandale in Scotland. I’ve got Scottish blood. That’s why I painted him like that, because of the Braveheart (movie). The line above moses is the winga parting with the sky and heaven looking down and guiding, guiding the great man across the sea … no problemo!


Cat: 328-22