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'Parlingarri jilamara Tunga' 2018-11-15

24.5 x 19.5cm, hard ground etching with chine colle, aquatint and pigment


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Parlingarri jilamara means old design. A tunga is a bag made out of bark that the Tiwi used to make at the end of each wet season. Pamela drew her inspiration for this etching from an old Tiwi bark, which was a part of Sandra Le Burn Holmes collection, now housed in the Museum and Art gallery of Northern Territory. The bark is also illustrated in Le Burn Holmes’ book titled The Goddess and the Moon Man: The Sacred Art of the Tiwi Aborigines.

This is a hard ground etching with chine collection, made by the artist in collaboration with Masterprinter Basil Hall during a print workshop at Jilamara in April 2017.


Cat: 273-17-18/20