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'Seven Tiwi Angels' 2022-06-11

150 x 120cm, locally sourced ochres on linen


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This is God’s number, the 777. Here we got the 7 angels who are here after the devil (represented by 666). On 2001 I had a secret meeting in Karama Tavern in Darwin. Why did I pick 2001 Christmas Eve? Because 7 plus 7 plus 7 equals 21 and 2001 Christmas Eve comes once in a lifetime. Everything comes to the ones who wait. So 2001 comes out with the 7,7,7 angels from heaven who give peace to the whole world. These angels come in the name of peace. The 7 angels are from heaven. 

By the power invested in me – world government, world power, world peace – I send a message: ‘Peace to the world.’

Will you remember this day when tomorrow will bring today? 

And when yesterday is gone by and has left that day with the past?

Will you remember this day?


Cat: 262-22