'Kayimwagakimi jilamara'

50 x 40.5cm (image), etching with screenprint


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Raelene Kerinauia is known for her subtle yet complex multi-layered imagery using a traditional tiwi tool called the Kayimwagakimi or pwoja. Kayimwagakimi is the traditional Tiwi painting ‘comb’. Made from bloodwood or ironwood, it is about 15cm high with a single row of teeth. The comb is dabbed in ochre and applied to the painting surface resulting in a straight line of fine dots, a process which is repeated over and over. Kayimwagakimi and marlipinyini (a fine stick or pandanus frond chewed to form a brush) have largely been replaced by modern brushes but a handful of Tiwi still use traditional tools. This is an etching with screenprint, and was made by the artist in collaboration with master printer Basil Hall during a print workshop at Jilamara in April 2017.


Cat: 239-17-14/20