TIMOTHY COOK – Yingarti Japara (All the Moons)

Opens: 7th June, 2018

Closes: 30th June, 2018

Location: Aboriginal & Pacific Art, Sydney

Website: http://www.aboriginalpacificart.com.au/artists/timothy-cook/2018-timothy-cook-yingarti-japara-all-the-moons Dot Texture

All the moons are here, past and present, like our ancestors.

They exist. I can talk to them like they are here now.

Japara know also as the moon man, went to live on the moon when Tiwi people were immortalised after dreamtime.

I can see Japara in the sky and in the sea too when there is a reflection.

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Artwork: Timothy Cook, Kulama Murrakupuni I, #128-18
Natural ochres and charcoal on linen, 90 x 120cm