Rachel Puruntatameri

Skin: Miyartuwi (Pandanus)
Country: Jurrupi (Jessie River)
Dance: Narringari (Magpie goose)
Dot Texture Short 2

Rachel was born in Milikapiti. Her husband was Murrunungumirri (Paddy Freddy Puruntatameri) a senior Tiwi carver and Culture man. 

Together with Murrunungumirri Rachel raised 5 children. She now has many grandchildren and some great grandchildren that she teaches Tiwi Culture to.

She was a sewer at the women’s centre before starting her career as an artist at Jilamara.

Rachel is a well respected senior woman in the Milikapiti community, and one of the few who still weaves pandanus and can still sing the old songs required for yoi (dancing).

Artworks by Rachel Puruntatameri

Pukumani Pole Design - Print - Rachel Puruntatameri

Pukumani Pole Design



Rachel Puruntatameri

31 x 15cm, linocut