Pauline Kerry Woody

Skin: Miyartuwi (Pandanus)
Dot Texture Short 2

I was born in Darwin and grew up in Wurrumiyanga (Nguiu) on Bathurst Island. After I finished school at St Johns in Darwin I came back to Wurrumiyanga to look after my younger brother and sisters.

I started working at the school as a teachers assistant, and after a few years I furthered my education by doing teachers training at Batchelor College in Darwin. I then came back and taught again at the Primary School in Wurrumiyanga.

I used to travel between Bathurst and Melville Island to visit family. During my trips I sometimes visited Jilamara Arts and made paintings.

When I retired from teaching I moved to Milikapiti and now I do more painting. 

I like to paint wantaringuwi (sun) and the trees and the plantlife of the Tiwi Islands in my own style of Jilamara.