Colin Puruntatameri

Skin: Arinkuwula (Stone)
Country: Purumpanali
Dance: Kapala (Sailing Boat)
Dot Texture Short 2

Colin grew up in Pirlangimpi (Pularumpi) on Melville Island and now lives in the Milikapiti community. At 21, Colin moved to Melbourne for a year and interned with the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV).

“Even though I’ve moved away from the Tiwi Islands before, no matter how many times you go away you still always miss the scenery and the seafood. 

There was this place we used to go camping called Mudlow (it’s also called Shark Bay). There was this one spot I used to go and sit. It’s on one of the cliffs looking out at this island called Wulinju. It’s beautiful country. There’s one picture that sticks in my mind when I think of Wulinju. One day it was very cloudy except for this one ray of sunshine going straight down to the island, it was almost biblical in a way.”